Mass EEA responds to East Boston

Nov 26, 2019

MassEEA (Massachusetts Energy and Environment Agency) Secretary Katherine Theoharides responds to over 250 comments (from residents, community and advocacy organizations, and elected officials) in her certification that Massport‘s 2017 ESPR (Environmental Status Planning Report)  is in compliance, as is, with MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act) and its implementing regulations.

As part of the certification, Secretary Theoharides

  1. says Massport should include the following in the 2018/2019 EDR (Environmental Data Report) due mid 2020:
    • direct responses to the substantive comments on the ESPR
    • a report on the progress and other refinements for tracking noise, traffic, and other emissions and abatement efforts
    • provide update on the status and findings of the  research in Tufts University and Boston University on the identification of airport-specific UFPs (Ultra Fine Particles) in urban environments
    • identify any planned improvement in stormwater management strategies and report the status of
        1. NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Permits and monitoring results for Logan Outfalls and the Fire Training Facility
        2. Jet fuel usage and spills
        3. MCP (Mass Contingency Plan) activities
        4. Tank management
        5. Update on the environmental management plan
        6. Fuel spill prevention
  2. says Massport should continue to fund EBNHC (East Boston Neighborhood Health Center) to enhance services and educational resources for people in East Boston and Winthrop managing asthma and/or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  3. recommends that Massport work with EBNHC to provide HEPA room air purifier filters to high risk individuals
  4. encourages Massport to work with community organizations to collaboratively determine how to further mitigate air quality impacts

AIR Inc. thanks each and every one of you who commented on the ESPR. Our campaign for healthy air in Logan’s vicinity continues.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 1.24.27 AM


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